Pre-Owned Piccolos

All piccolos are available for a 7-day trial.  Submit the form on the Contact Us page or call 513.295.1841 to arrange a trial or to ask questions about the piccolos.

Jupiter JPC1100E

The Jupiter JPC1100E Intermediate Piccolo is a beautiful grenadilla wood instrument with a grenadilla wood hand-cut headjoint and silver-plated nickel silver keywork. It sounds and plays like a professional instrument, while remaining in the upper intermediate price range. It is a serious instrument that will satisfy the requirements of accomplished students and discriminating hobbyists, and is perfectly presentable in professional environments as well. It features a conical bore, a split E mechanism and a French-style wooden case.


Pearl Piccolo PFP-105

With a recent COA by The Flute Shop ins 2018, this pre-owned Pearl piccolo features a wave style headjoint, silver plated keywork and a composite Grenaditte body.  Known for its stability in pitch, this piccolo would serve any player well whether in band or orchestra.  


Emerson P6 Professional Piccolo

An entirely Grenadilla wood head and body with silver plated mechanisms, this piccolo possesses a very warm, even sound between registers.  


Jupiter JPC1010

The Jupiter JPC1010 (formerly 3045S) Piccolo features a heavy resin body and head that mimic the sound and feel of a real wood piccolo. Though designed with a sound for the stage, the resin body allows this piccolo to be played outdoors without the worry of cracks.  Key of C, Plastic body and headjoint, Silver-plated nickel silver keys, Molded case.


Jupiter JPC1000

The silver-plated head of the Jupiter JPC1000 (formerly 303) Piccolo offers greater brilliance and projection. The remainder of the body is made of resin.  This hybrid piccolo is a good choice for those needing a solution for concert band and marching band.


Jupiter JPC700

Silver-plated headjoint, body & keys.  Comes with a heavy duty case, cleaning rod, cloth and manufacturer warranty.