Stand Light

Double LED stand light with USB Cable to keep your music bright.  Requires AA batteries (not included).


Flute Cozy for B or C Foot #110f

A little padded pocket for your flute to lay down protected while assembled rather than hang out on a peg.  Complete with handle at the end.



Hercules Symphony Music Stand

A high quality black music stand perfect for any learning performer or professional for home practice.


Hercules 3-section Orchestra Music Stand

Perfect for the musician on the go, this stand comes apart in 3 pieces to aid in travel from rehearsal to performance and back.


Foldable Flute Peg with Tripod inside Peg

Tripod flute stand with the legs fitting inside the peg itself for compact travel.


Foldable Flute Peg

Tripod flute stand.  A Flute Shop favorite! 


Flute/Piccolo Fitted Casecover #29

A durable and stylish fitted black case for flute and picc players requiring both instruments at once.


Flute Outer Case (B Foot) #91b

A stylish and functional black outer case with top pocket for cleaning rod and cloth.  High quality zipper that will keep going and going!


Flute & Laptop GigBag #100gig

A perfect blend of music and business, ideal for flutists requiring their instrument and laptop/tablet on the go.


Piccolo Cozy #110p

A miniature version of a cozy for piccolo made of Altieri's signature case materials, complete with handle at the end for any small but mighty piccolo.



Flute Cozy for Straight Alto Flute #110as

For those alto flute players, a flute cozy for an alto flute with a straight headjoint.  


Flute/Piccolo Combo Casecover #21

A durable and stylish black outer case for flute & picc players requiring both instruments at once.


Hercules Travlite Flute Peg

Known for their durable nature, the Hercules Travlite flute peg is a good choice for flutists requiring some extra durability in their equipment.